Technology plays a key role in today’s agriculture. Farmers are smarter and working more innovatively than before, with different agriculture technologies at their disposal. This is what we focus on conveying through agritechsupport – the impact of technology on modern-day agriculture.
Agriculture technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last five decades. The more recent notable innovations in farming pertain to the use of satellites, mobile software, and now, AI and big data. All these technologies transform agriculture in one way or the other.
We have touched upon what role AI plays in the field. Farmers decide things based on available information, and data help them to harness the true power of digital information to take better, more informed calls. Technology enables not just planning for superior harvests, but also making decisions which turn out to be better for our planet on the whole.
Machine learning is used in agriculture to streamline productivity and improve the quality of crops. Then, there is the concept of precision agriculture, a farm management approach using IT to confirm that the soil and crops get just the essential things for optimum productivity. When going through some of our posts, you will come across the term ‘precision farming’. PA is considered the most important factor in growing better plants.