Benefits Of Using Satellites In Agriculture

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Around 37% of our planet is used for agriculture, which means it is very difficult to maintain and improve agricultural efficiency. Sustainable farming is getting more and more followers all around the world because it helps to maximize the outputs with minimum inputs and avoid the wastage of water.

Every technology used in farming helps to increase the yield and satellites are no exception. They could provide large-scale images of every part of the farm that will help you in planning your various aspects of farming.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using satellites in agriculture.

Helps Your Scouting

The satellites will take images of your field and analyze those images. This will help the farmers to identify trouble regions of the field easily and optimize the scouting efforts. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is the most common remote sensing method that is used for identifying the problematic regions.

Helps To Optimize The Use Of Nitrogen

The satellites could provide prescription maps based on the biomass assessment of previous crop seasons that will help in optimizing the nitrogen application of the crop field. These prescription maps can be uploaded to the machinery used for the agriculture practices and it will increase the input efficiency and also field productivity.

Helps To Identify Field Performance

The satellite imagery and the additional information provided by the satellites help the farmers to monitor the performance of every part of the field on a weekly basis. The satellites could provide information about the weather, precipitation, etc. and this allows the farmers to plan the watering schedules accordingly. It also helps the farmers to identify the underperforming regions and implement counteractions.

Helps To Optimize Watering

For the crops to flourish and provide higher yield, they need the right amount of water at a regular interval. If you overdo the watering, it is a waste and could harm the crops. Therefore, you need to optimize your watering schedule. This is one of those times where agriculture and technology will go hand-in-hand. The information provided by satellites will help the farmers to ensure that all the crops are getting the right amount of water for their growth.

Helps To Run Large Scale Experiments

The main aim of every farmer is to increase the crop yield with minimum inputs. This will help in obtaining greater profit. Before the use of satellites in agriculture, it was impossible to run experiments on a large scale. Today, we can deploy large scale tests across the entire field with the help of satellites and UAVs.

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