How Drones Are Used In Monitoring Crops

Modern Agriculture Technology
Modern Agriculture Technology
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Crop Technology

Drones are being increasingly used in most sectors: be it for videography and television to surveillance and security. Now the use of drones has extended to the agricultural sector as well, as part of the new and advanced form of ‘precision agriculture’.

We will be looking into how drone technology will be changing the way we cultivate crops. Read on to know more.

For Scouting And Monitoring

Drones give farmers an ‘eye in the sky’. They are equipped with special imaging equipment that is called Normalised Difference Vegetation Index or NDVI. This makes use of color information that the farmer can then use to recalibrate the needs of the crops and monitor them thoroughly.

Drones make use of a regular camera to monitor crops. Farmers also make use of satellite imagery, but this ends up becoming too costly for the everyday farmer to bear. The benefit of using drones is the absence of any cloud cover or signal interference that can give not-so-clear data about the field.

 Drones do well in mapping a particular region accurately. Having this information helps in determining the drainage patterns and places that are too dry or wet. Based on this information, farmers can make changes to the watering technique to supply water to the dry patches and reduce the water being provided at the overly wet patches of cropland. There are also ways of monitoring the nitrogen levels in the soil. These however use enhanced sensors but it is worth it, as you can precisely apply the fertilizers and improve the soil health.

For Planting Of Seeds

One of the more exciting ways in which drones can be used in crop cultivation is for the seeding phase. Recently after the devastating Australian bush fires, automated drone seeders were left to fly out to difficult to reach spots and randomly fire seeds into nourishing spots in the soil. Use of drone seeders meant that workers weren’t endangered. You could plant as many as half a million seeds in a day using drones.

Farmers needn’t get out on the field with heavy equipment and machinery to plant acres and acres of land. They could simply make use of drone technology to help them get a head-start and plant in tough to reach spots.

The Final Note

Crop technology is ever-adapting, with newer and more exciting innovations. With the help of drones, we are rest assured of getting a head start in the field of precision agriculture technology. What will the future hold in store for farmers? We’ll just have to wait and watch…

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