How Is Urban Agriculture A Sustainable Agriculture Technology?

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Sustainable Agriculture Technology

Urban agriculture is the production of agricultural goods within towns and cities,  and is considered to be a part of sustainable urban development plans. There are also advantages like urban waste recycling, energy conservation, reduced transportation charges, ecological and social sustainability. Besides, this is a concept that is very much favored by agriculture technology companies because of the many advantages it puts forward, compared to traditional farming, read on to know more about urban agriculture.

What Is Urban Agriculture?

It is the growing of agricultural plants that as well as livestock within the cities or areas surrounding it. These are also processed and packed at the place of production or at nearby locations. The advantage is the easy availability of fresh produce and less wastage, as a result. There is also the added benefit of minimal or no usage of preservatives for increasing the shelf-life of products.

What Is The Need For Urban Agriculture?

As more people are moving into cities for purposes like work, education, business and other reasons, there is a rise in urban population. This has social, political and economic implications because cities must be able to provide basic facilities or services to their residents. This results in high energy consumption and CO2 emissions contributing to global climate change. With urban agriculture, this can be reduced and can improve the environmental quality of urban spaces. So, this is a sustainable agriculture technology that more cities must adapt to mitigate the effects of climate changes. This also has the added benefit of developing or building more self-reliant cities.

The efficient use of treated wastewater in urban agriculture helps to deal with the freshwater crisis and in protecting rivers, canals and other water bodies. The presence of green spaces also helps to manage soil erosion and maintain urban biodiversity. This method of farming is especially useful in the metropolitan cities of developing countries like India and other south-east Asian countries. Above all, this ensures that food is available to people from diverse groups including the urban poor, if distributed properly.

How Urban Agriculture Ensures Food Security And Nutrition?

The availability of better quality and variety of food due to sustainable agriculture technology in urban agriculture ensures food security and nourishment to the poor. This can be augmented by small vegetable gardens of families. The combined advantage of this is that there is resilience when there is a shortage of food supply due to natural calamities or other reasons.

These are some of the advantages of urban agriculture and it ensures food security in countries around the world. However, for this to be successful, there must be institutional, financial and technological support.

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