What Are The Advantages Of GPS Cattle Tracking System?

Modern Agriculture Technology
Modern Agriculture Technology
Advantages Of GPS Cattle Tracking
Advantages Of GPS Cattle Tracking

Although livestock tracking systems using GPS are not altogether new, the technology has gained immense popularity recently. It allows the farmers to monitor herd movements, identify grazing patterns, prevent various cattle diseases, and easily identify animals. A lot of time that farmers had to previously spend on manual labor is saved on using cattle tracking system.

Here are some of the benefits of GPS cattle tracking.

It Allows Real-Time Monitoring Of The Cattle

Using GPS cattle tracking system, farmers can track their animals in real-time without being worried about losing any one of them. A GPS tracking ear tag or GPS tracker collar put on the animal allows the farmer to keep an eye on the animal and know its pattern of movement. You get to know about the physical location of the animal through the SMS or email notification that is sent from the GPS ear tags. It will inform you if an animal is injured or is giving birth.

It Facilitates Geo-Fencing

The functionality allows you to ensure that your animals stay well within a pre-defined boundary. You can keep your animals away from places that they should not enter. It also helps you check any intruder activity. If one of your animals moves out of the pre-determined area, the tracking system will notify you and give the exact physical location of the animal within no time.


Examining each animal physically is not an easy task. Many times, mere physical examination does not help you find out the actual problem. Using the GPS cattle tracking system, you can keep a check on the well-being of every animal in the herd and get notified when one is sick or hurt.

Easy Identification Of Animals

Keeping a complete record of the animals will make the farming tasks smoother. GPS cattle tracking provide you with the following:

  • Information relating to the animal: Birthdate, identification, breed, age as well as sire and dam in a herd.
  • Production records: Weight ratios of dam to calf, milk production
  • Performance: Breeding dates, site of breeding and parturition dates.
  • Health records: illnesses, vaccinations, diseases, names of medicine given and deworming.

Improved Productivity

The heat detection feature of GPS cattle tracking system allows you to maximize the rate of cattle production. You know when it is time for insemination and thereby boost the pregnancy rate of the cows. Minimizing the loss rates this way increase the overall productivity of your farm.

Being assisted by advanced technologies is quintessential in all types of farming including cattle farming.

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