Advanced Machines That Made Farming More Productive

Advanced Farm Technologies
Advanced Farm Technologies
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Modern machinery has changed the farming sector dramatically. It also increased the productivity and efficiency of farming. Agriculture technology aims to aid farmers to produce more harvest through simplified processes. The invention of advanced machines helped farmers to reduce their labor to a great extent. Agriculture technology has brought revolutionary changes in the farming field which made it more efficient and effective.

The introduction of technology into agriculture helped to eliminate many flaws that existed in the conventional farming sector. When we think about agriculture technology, it is impossible not to mention the following machines which brought significant changes in the farming sector.

Automatic in Row Weeder

The growth of weeds is an important problem that is often faced by farmers. The presence of weeds in the cultivation field will interrupt the growth of crops, hence results in less productivity. The weeder machines effectively and quickly tear up weeds without harming the crops. Even though there are many pesticides and weedicides, they are harmful to the earth. But this machine can avoid the problem of weeds without hurting nature.

Small-Scale Potato Harvester

Potatoes grow under the soil; therefore, harvesting this crop requires a lot of digging. It was really hard work for farmers until the invention of potato harvester. This machine made it easy to separate potatoes from the soil. With the help of this machine, potato cultivation has become more efficient and easy.

Automatic Cow Milking Machine

From milk to meat, cows are an inevitable part of livestock farming. For large-scale milking, it is not economically feasible to have hundreds of workers for the process of milking cows. This is where the cow milking machines become important. They brought more productivity and income for livestock farmers.

Robotic Lettuce Harvester

This machine has cutting bars that are side shifting which made the lettuce harvesting simple. This new agriculture technology has helped the farmers to reduce the manpower and to get more yields.

Carrot Harvester and Separator

These machines are similar to potato harvester. They can increase the speed at which carrot harvesting is done. This machine provides ease in digging the carrots from the ground along with the roots that are grown deep into the soil.

Olive Harvester

Olives are notoriously hard to harvest as they grow on trees. Picking these fruits by hand is a painstaking process for the farmers. But with the help of agriculture technology, this has become easy now. The olive harvester machine can shake the trees to release olives and collect them in a centralized location.

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