An Analysis About Aquaponics And Its Benefits

New Farming Technology
New Farming Technology
New Farming Technology
New Farming Technology

Aquaponics is a combination of both aquaculture (the practice of growing fish and various other aquatic animals) and hydroponics (the practice of cultivating plants without soil). Aquaponics utilizes these two practices in a symbiotic combination where the plants are grown utilizing the discharge or waste of the aquatic animals. The water that heads back to the fish is filtered by these plants in return. 

Alongside fish and their waste/discharge, plants also receive the requisite nutrition from microbes. These microbes can convert fish waste and other solids into compounds that the plants can utilize for growing. This new farming technology creates a perfect combination of gardening and aquaculture. The collaboration of technology and farming has brought many beneficial advancements in the agricultural sector and aquaponics is one among them. It is becoming a great sustainable organic crop production technology that can be utilized for feeding the increasing population. 

Here, the waste produced by aquaculture will be recycled and used for growing plants. This can be used for reducing the utilization of chemical fertilizers. Hence, aquaponics promotes a natural way of growing plants. In addition to this, the water will be circulated in a closed system, which can help to lower the consumption of this resource. Therefore, aquaculture is now gaining huge popularity as a sustainable agricultural technology. So through this article, we analyze the benefits of aquaponics so that it will be possible for you to know whether this new farming technology can be helpful for you.

Advantages Of Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a revolutionary technology that has brought tremendous changes in the agricultural sector. It has helped in bring together the goodness of both hydroponics and aquaculture. This helped to produce better results naturally and reduced the consumption of resources significantly. 

The use of this farming technology is now greatly increasing, as it has helped to overcome the barriers caused by the unavailability of agricultural land. As almost 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, it made more sense to utilize water as a resource for cultivating crops. Also, when compared to traditional farming technologies, aquaponics helped to decrease the utilization of resources to a great extent. Hence, it is now being approved as one of the most sustainable farming technology in the agricultural sector. 

As a foil to the traditional farming methods, aquaponics provide an array of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

Considerable Reduction In The Use Of Water

When compared to traditional farming which utilizes soil for growing plants, aquaponics uses significantly low amounts of water. Here, water from the aquaculture will be recycled for growing plants. 

It is estimated that the usage of water will be 90% lower for aquaponics in comparison with traditional soil gardening. Hence, it can be even used in areas where there is water scarcity. As the water will be recirculated through the system, you can avoid a lot of problems associated with irrigation and water wastage. 

Growth Of Crops Will Be Faster

In aquaponics, the roots of plants will be suspended in water which contains various nutrients that are essential for their growth. So the plants will be able to readily absorb various compounds that are essential for them directly from this water. This helps the plants to grow faster thereby providing better yields.

Crops Will Be Healthier

Crops grown using aquaponics will be considerably healthier than those grown in soil. As aquaculture does not utilize chemical fertilizers, the possibility of your crops containing harmful chemicals is less. Hence, it can be beneficial for you to avoid a lot of health problems created by the use of chemical fertilizers. This is one of the important benefits of aquaponics that a lot of people love it for. 

No Need To Use Artificial Fertilizers

As mentioned above, aquaponics does not use artificial fertilizers. The nutrients needed for the plant growth will be provided from the waste products produced by the aquaculture. Therefore, you can produce healthy crops using aquaculture. 

The Disposing Of Fish Waste Can Be Avoided

One of the major problems associated with aquaculture is the disposing of fish waste. However, this problem can be easily eliminated with the help of aquaponics, as the waste products will be utilized for growing the plants. 

Significant Reduction In Land

As the population is rapidly growing, the availability of agricultural land has reduced significantly. This has adversely affected the agricultural sector. All thanks to aquaponics, this problem can be easily resolved now. As the crops are cultivated in water, the need for land is significantly less. Hence, this sustainable agriculture technology can be suitable for feeding the ever-growing population even if there is low availability of agricultural land. 

Aquaponics is an important farming technology that has brought about several developments in the agricultural sector. This new farming technology has helped to reduce the use of land and other resources significantly. Hence, this is becoming one of the best sustainable techniques in the agricultural sector. 

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