How Biotechnology can Improve Agricultural Sector?

New Farming Technology
New Farming Technology
New Farming Technology

Biotechnology is widely being used in the farming sector nowadays for developing better crops and increasing the yield. With the help of this new farming technology, it became possible to develop crops that are genetically modified for making them pest and drought resistant and also for incorporating many other desirable features. Following are some examples for the use of biotechnology in agriculture.

Improved yield from crops

With the help of biotechnology, it became possible to transfer genes to a plant for giving it a new trait. But this task is difficult to achieve, as it might need the altering of more than one gene. More research is going on in this field to add more qualities to plants including enhanced growth and better crop production for increasing the overall yield.

Making plants less vulnerable to environmental stresses

Environmental conditions have a drastic effect on the productivity of plants. Conditions like drought, flood, heavy rain, etc. can destroy crops. But now, this problem can be avoided using biotechnology. This modern agriculture technology will enable crops to withstand these harsh conditions. Biotechnology will add genes to a plant which will help them to cope with such extreme conditions.

Improved nutritional qualities of crops

Biotechnology has also made it possible to enhance the nutritional qualities of crops. Now it is possible to add proteins and other nutrients into crops for making them more beneficial to society. Hence, it helps to provide a balanced diet for human beings. Also, it can be used to transform proteins in cereals and legumes into amino acids that are essential for the human body.

Improved texture, taste and appearance of food

Crops can be given better appearance, taste and texture with the aid of biotechnology. It can also be used for slowing down the spoilage process so that fruits can ripen longer on the plant. These fruits can be then transported to the consumer with a good shelf life. Hence, the usable life of fruits can be extended.

Reduce the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals

The use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers is a growing concern as it is creating many environmental hazards. But biotechnology can be used to create crops that are pest resistant and need fewer fertilizers. Therefore, it can be used to reduce soil pollutions.

Another problem faced by farmers is the growth of weeds in farms. Even though they can use herbicides to kill weeds, this may also harm the crops. But now, the biotechnologists have developed some crops that are herbicide-resistant, so that the plants will not be affected by these chemicals.

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