How can Technology Help in the Growth of Agriculture

Modern agriculture utilizes the advancements of technology to its benefit. There are a lot of revolutionary changes brought by technology in the agricultural field. From the development of tractors to using technology to monitor crops, a lot of evolutions have happened in the farming sector. Still, the researchers and farmers are working together to collaborate new digital tools with agriculture to make it more efficient. This will result in the development of some cutting edge agriculture technology in farming.

Technology made crop cultivation more easy and efficient. It assists farmers from plowing the land to harvesting the crops. Different scientific methods can be used to improve various stages in farming like providing better quality seeds, ensuring proper irrigation, monitoring the growth of the crops, selecting good fertilizers and pesticides etc. The incorporation of technology with agriculture will result in better yield and high quality products.

Following are some examples of how advancements in technology can help in the growth of agriculture:

Monitoring crop irrigation systems

With the aid of technology, it is now possible for the farmers to control and monitor crop irrigation systems using a mobile phone. This will make the controlling of irrigation facilities more easy for farmers. The moisture sensors in the ground can sense the moisture level in the soil and farmers will be able to access this data using their mobile phone or computer without having to visit each and every field.

Ultrasounds for livestock

Along with checking on baby animals in the womb, ultrasound can also be used to find out the quality of the meat found in a particular animal even before it goes to market. The DNA testing will help the producers to identify animals which have desirable characters and a good pedigree. This may enable the farmers to improve the quality of different breeds of animals.

Crop sensors

The crop sensors can be used for the complete monitoring of your crops. It can tell you the amount of fertilizers needed for a particular crop and how to apply it in an efficient manner to maximize the uptake.

Usage of mobile technology and cameras

Mobile technology can be utilized to monitor both agricultural crops and livestock. You can keep a tab on the growth of your crops as well as animals.

Cameras can capture the images of your field and also locations of the animals, and will send it to a central system, where they will be coordinated together to access the growth of your crops and whereabouts of your animals.

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