How IoT Can Benefit Agricultural Sector?

Agriculture Technology Companies
Agriculture Technology Companies
Modern Agriculture Technology
Modern Agriculture Technology

The Agricultural sector is always adopting new technologies. The latest technology that the agricultural field is now widely utilizing is the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology has provided an enormous number of advantages for the farming sector. With the application of IoT, farming has become more efficient and productive. It will create a great buzz in the agricultural field across the world. The following are a few applications of this new farming technology that will bring a lot of changes inagriculture.

Precision Farming

Precision farming can be defined as anything that will make farming more accurate and controlled when it comes to growing crops or raising livestock. With the help of IoT, it became possible to introduce advanced technologies including IT, robotics, sensors, control systems, autonomous vehicles, variable rate technology, automated hardware, etc. into agriculture. The facility to access high-speed internet, different mobile devices, and low-cost and reliable satellites and many other advanced technologies helped the farmers to achieve precision in farming.

Precision farming is one of the most popular applications of IoT in agriculture and a lot of organizations and farmers are leveraging this technology across the whole world. This technology can be utilized to monitor the growth of crops, maintaining the quality of soil, etc. IoT systems will be helpful in maximizing profitability by improving the yield.

Livestock Monitoring

The potential of IoT can be utilized by farm owners to collect data related to the well-being, location, etc. of their cattle. This will help them to maintain a record about the health status of each animal. Hence, it will be easy to find out animals that are sick and they can be separated from the herd before the disease spreads.

Agricultural Drones

This is another great example of IoT in agriculture. Agriculture is an important field that is now widely using the potential of drones. The major applications of drones include the health assessment of the crops, irrigation, crop spraying, crop monitoring, soil and field analysis, and more. The major benefits of using agricultural drones are integrated GIS mapping, crop health imaging, time-saving, ease of use and the potential for increasing yields.

Smart Greenhouses

IoT can be beneficial to control different environmental parameters inside the greenhouses. It became possible to design smart greenhouses with the help of IoT. This design will be able to intelligently monitor and control climate, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Sensors are utilized for controlling the environment in greenhouses, it can measure different environmental parameters based on the plant requirement. Also, a cloud server can be connected with this modern agriculture technology for remotely accessing the environmental conditions when it is connected with IoT.

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