Robotic Applications in Agriculture Field

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New Farming Technology
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Technology has changed the face of agriculture as it made farming more efficient and productive. Agriculture and technology remain interrelated since it has brought tremendous changes in the farming sector. People are always trying to develop new technologies to support farming and improve the yield. With the incorporation of technology, it has become possible to invent new farming processes which are far more easy, efficient and effective. Hence, agriculture and technology will become a great force that has a huge impact on the food industry.

With the advent of agricultural technologies, a lot of new farming techniques are being developed to support crop cultivation and its yielding. The agriculture robots are a great invention that has brought tremendous changes in the farming field. These robots made farming easy by reducing the workforce and enabling better crop monitoring and yielding. Following are some of the fields where the agriculture robots have created great changes:

Nursery Planting

Nurseries are the place where seeds are grown to produce young plants which will be later planted outside. This process needs great care, as it is the base for the food industry. Most farmers will be utilizing these plants for cultivating in their fields, hence, they should be handled carefully so that it will provide a good yield. Therefore, the help of robots are used in this field for seeding, potting and warehousing plants in the nurseries.

Crop Seeding

Many food crops are cultivated by planting seeds in the fields. This will be usually done by a “broadcast spreader” that is attached to the tractor. When the tractor moves the spreader will scatter the seeds around the field. However, this is not a very efficient method, as a portion of the seeds will be wasted. But now this process has become more efficient with the help of robots, as they will place the seeds in the precise locations without any wastage.

Crop Monitoring and Analysis

Crop monitoring is a difficult task, as you will have to monitor each of your crops and analyze their growth. But this task has become easy now with the aid of crop technology, as you can monitor the growth of your crops from your home without even having to visit the field. With the help of drones and cameras, you can get the real-time view of your crops and there will be robotic hardware and software to analyze the growth of your crops. Now farmers are able to monitor the crops through their smartphones, tabs, and computers, etc.

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