Application of Modern Technology on Agriculture

New Farming Technology
New Farming Technology
Agri Technology
Agri Technology

The agriculture industry is witnessing vast and continuous developments when data, digital tools, and collaborations are considered among researchers and farmers in both private and public sectors. Countries were able to achieve self-sufficiency during the period of the Green Revolution in the 1960s, and it has led to the cultivation of crops using more advanced methods of farming that brought better-quality seeds, irrigation, pesticides, chemical fertilizer, and so on. 

Over time, more advancements in technology came into different sectors of agriculture. Tractors came into the scene, which was followed by new equipment for harvesting and irrigation. Air seeding technology was also introduced which led to getting higher yields and better quality food and fiber. Farmers can now make use of scientific data and technology to enhance the yield of their crops and to keep them updated with more cutting edge methods of farming. 

Here are some ways in which agriculture technology is used to improve the agriculture industry and its development as a whole. 

Detection and Control of Irrigation via Phones 

Technology plays a very crucial role in the detection and control of agriculture irrigation systems, especially when smartphones are used for it. Farmers could now control the irrigation systems on their fields via smartphone and computers instead of getting to their fields every time. Moisture sensors that can be placed on grounds can give information on moisture levels of different depths of the soil. 

Use of Ultrasounds for Livestock

Ultrasound is now incorporated into agriculture sectors and it can now even be used to find out the quality of meat that goes to the market for sale. DNA tests help farmers to identify animals that have good pedigrees and other essential qualities. The information on DNA testing can be beneficial for farmers to get good-quality herds.  

Use of Cameras and Mobile Technology

Nowadays, farmers make use of apps like ‘Foursquare’ to check on their employees. They also employ cameras in and around the farm for easy monitoring of the activities that are taking place inside and nearby their farms. These cameras send the images to the main locations such as an office that has a home computer. It also helps to keep an eye on their animals when the farmers are away from farms during the night. 

Agricultural Sensors 

Crop sensors are used by farmers to apply fertilizers to their crops effectively that can maximize the uptake. With the help of sensors, farmers can now know how their crops are feeling and decrease potential leaching and runoff. 

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