Top Most Interesting Technologies in Agriculture

New Farming Technology
New Farming Technology
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The methods of farming and agricultural operations have taken a huge shift from how they were years ago, primarily because of the technological advancements in the agricultural sector. Technology has brought in a lot of advancements in the field of agriculture which includes robots, moisture sensors, GPS technology and so on. These are widely helping farmers to attain more profit, efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety.

Here are a few interesting technologies that came up later in the field of agriculture.

Machine Learning and See & Spray Technology

Machine learning incorporates computer technology and its ability to store information regarding an action to make decisions on its own. This technique is having broader applications in the agricultural sector.

Through See & Spray technology, startup companies have identified herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth issue, and then developed a machine that identifies these problems and solves them.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things has the potent in benefiting the agriculture sector by connecting all the disparate devices that are been used for field monitoring and measuring. IoT helps in making the information that is been provided completely accessible.

IoT is very helpful in monitoring the fuel levels in tanks, the moisture of the soil, weather stations, water meters, and so on. This technology is widely helpful in improving the planning of operations which, in turn helps, in accelerating the decision-making process on both large and small agricultural farms. Through IoT, more solutions are been built and deployed, thus offering many more advantages in the future.

IoT connects billions of devices and processes in agriculture that were not very effective in the earlier days because of their high cost of installation. With the availability and accessibility of wide-area and low power networks, longer battery lives, and modules of low cost, affordable easy are open before everyone to connect soil, plants, animals, water, and machines that has the potential to give valuable insights of agriculture-related data.

Irrigation Control

Employments of various technologies have improved the control and efficiency in agriculture. More devices are developed to serve the status reports on sensing of soil moisture, weather conditions, pivot performance, and a lot of other field data. These data are mostly shared with apps in mobile phones and computers, which in turn provide end-users with tools that are considered as on-the-go to make decisions on agricultural management.

The future of irrigation control is also considered to be very big. Most manufacturers are now working on building connectivity along with the incorporation of various sensors that might help end-users to make more comprehensive decisions on agricultural practices.

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