Some Technologies Essential For Precision Farming

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Precision Agriculture Technology
Precision Agriculture Technology

Precision farming technology is the most important modern agricultural technology that our world needs right now. Since the global population is rising and more and more people are suffering from poverty, precision farming technology could give us a solution.

With the help of precision farming technology, a farmer can improve soil conditions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce input costs, increase harvest, etc. The precision agriculture technology also helps to improve the quality of the crop and protect the environment.

Precision farming relies on technology and over the years many new technologies are invented that improve farm management. Here are some of the technologies that are essential for precision farming.

Satellite Positioning System

This is one of the most utilized satellite technologies in all types of industries. The satellite positioning system may be the most essential precision agriculture technology because it is used for the auto-steer system and also for creating geo-referenced information like yield mapping. With a satellite positioning system, the machinery can drive along a repeatable track with precision. That will reduce human errors and improve the performance of different farm operations.

Variable Rate Technology

This is yet another technology that helps in precision farming. Variable-rate technology helps to control the number of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and water required for farming. The major benefits of variable rate technology are reduced farming cost, optimization on plant density, improved application rate efficiency of pesticides and nutrients, and less negative environmental impact. This technology lets farmers apply the inputs at a precise time and specific locations in the field and thereby helps them achieve site-specific application rates of inputs.


This technology allows for creating maps according to various soil and crop conditions. These conditions include soil types, soil nutrient levels, soil pH, pest occurrence, etc. Soil maps can be created in a number of ways but the most used method is using sensors attaches to a vehicle, mostly a drone or an airplane. Satellites can also be utilized for creating soil maps. The sensor will collect data from the fields and evaluate the soil and crop health. Making use of that information, you can find a particular field location for planting the crops.

Automated Steering System

The main reason why the automated steering system is an essential precision agriculture technology is that it eliminates human errors and allows the farmer to have better control over the equipment. There are several types of automated steering systems based on the accuracy levels of field operations. As per the experts, the centimeter system is the most accurate one.

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