Essential Tips To Buy A Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Tips

Cushion cut diamonds are very popular among the people for around 200 years. It is also known as the old mine cut. The popularity of the cushion cut diamonds decreased slightly after the introduction of round cut diamonds in the early 20th century. However, today cushion cut is regaining its popularity. Many people are choosing cushion cut diamonds while choosing engagement rings for women.

The cushion cut diamonds have undergone so many changes to suit the requirements of the modern times. It has an elegant shape that suits anyone who wears it. For buying the best cushion cut engagement ring, you might need the following tips.

Best Settings And Style

Cushion cut diamonds look amazing in both the vintage and modern designs. One of the most important features of a cushion cut diamond is that it does not need a protective setting because it lacks a vulnerable point. The prong setting of the cushion cut diamond rings will have great visibility and light performance. The halo setting is ideal for a brilliant and flashy look. The cushion cut is a good option for those who want a vintage and antique design for their engagement ring.

Different Shape Options

Cushion cut diamonds usually comes with square and rectangular shapes with rounded corners and beveled edges, similar to the shape of a cushion or a pillow. Most common shape for cushion cut is the square shape. A length-to-width ratio of 1 to 1.05 is ideal for a perfectly square cut. Any ratio exceeds this will makes it rectangular. An ideal length-to-width ratio for rectangular cut is about 1.20 to 1.30.

Two Categories To Choose From

The standard and the modified cuts are the two main categories of cushion cut diamonds. The standard cut is the original design or the faceting pattern of the cushion cut. The modified cut is the modified version of the standard cut. There is not much difference in these two categories and do not have any huge difference on the appearance of the stone.

Avoid Bad Cuts

It is important to note that lab reports do not provide any information about the details of the cut. So it is up to you to identify a badly cut diamond. A lot of diamond cuts in the market, including the cushion cut, is ill-proportioned or may be cut shallow to save on the rough diamond.

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