Is It Possible To Grow Your Own Hemp? (And Make Your Own CBD Products)

As the popularity of CBD has increased greatly, people are now looking for different CBD products suitable for them in the market. You can get a large number of CBD products from the market that you can choose based on your needs and requirements. CBD products are now everywhere including medical stores, supermarkets, and even your local grocery store. Hence, it became possible for people to easily get access to these products.

But people are worried about the safety of the CBD products available in the market. As the CBD industry is not regulated by the FDA, it is possible for the manufacturers to add other ingredients into their CBD products. Hence, they can contain toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your health. In addition to this, hemp farmers might use chemical fertilizers and pesticides for getting more yield from the plants. The hemp plants will absorb the chemicals present in them and they will be present in your final products too. This can cause different health issues in people. Therefore, the quality and safety of hemp products are still bothering people.

To avoid the issues regarding the safety of the hemp products, now people choose to grow their own hemp plants and make their own CBD products. This will help them to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides for growing hemp and extracting CBD from it. Hence, we share you some important information that you need to know when you choose to grow your own hemp. This will help you to get high-quality hemp products that do not contain any chemicals and toxic ingredients.

How To Grow Your Own Hemp?

When growing hemp, you have to consider a large number of things. You should be careful with each step involved in the cultivation of hemp plants and the extraction of the CBD oil from it. Hence,we include all the important steps involved in the cultivation of hemp plants for helping you to grow your own plants. The following are some of the important steps involved in the growth of hemp that you should be aware of.

Planting Seeds

This is the first step involved in the growing of hemp plants. Hemp seeds are usually planted in the late spring. Wait until the temperature becomes consistent before planting hemp seeds. Check the temperature of the soil 2.5cm (1 inch) deep using a soil thermometer. Find if it is above 50 °F (10 °C). Once the temperature becomes steady for a few days, you can plant the seeds. The apt temperature for the hemp plants to grow is between 60–80 °F (16–27 °C).

Check The pH Of The Soil

The pH of the soil is an important factor that affects the growth of your hemp plants. It should be between 6.5-7 for the plant to grow properly. Check the soil using a probe or paper test strips for finding out its pH. This will help you to make sure that the soil has apt conditions for supporting the growth of the plants.

Break the soil with the help of a tiller or hoe for aerating it. Hemp usually grows in moist soil and poorly-drained soil might damage your plants.

For testing the drainage, you have to dig a 1x1x1 ft hole and fill it with water. Find the time required for the soil to completely absorb the water, and if it is more than one hour, find another location for growing your hemp plants. It is better to grow your plants in soil that has healthy conditions rather amending your existing soil.

Put The Seeds In The Soil

Now it is time to plant your seeds. Put the seeds 1.9-3.2cm deep in the soil. It is better to use a seed drill that is attached to a tractor or lawnmower for planting the seeds evenly and to cover them with soil. This will help you to plant seeds without much difficulties. Pour the seeds into the hopper and the machine will do the work for you. The machine will plant the seeds to the correct depth so that pests and birds will not get to them.

  • If you are growing the hemp for the purpose of getting fibers, then it is better to keep the seeds closer together. This will allow them to grow up rather than branching out.
  • If you are looking to harvest the seeds of the hemp plants, bury the seeds further apart. This will facilitate the branching out of the plants rather than growing high.

Water Your Plants

It is important to keep enough moisture in the soil for promoting the growth of the hemp plants. Stick your finger into the soil for finding the moisture. If it feels dry and if it does not rain, then water your plants through the growing period. This is very important within the first 6 weeks after the planting of the seeds, while the plant is still young. After this period, your hemp plants will become drought-resistant and they will be able to survive without water for a few days.

Use Fertilizers

Applying the right amount of fertilizers at the right time is important for facilitating better growth of hemp plants. Use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer for your plants to supply the essential elements required for their growth. It is better to apply fertilizer on a warm and dry day so that it won’t stick to the plants. Make sure that you apply the fertilizers only once right after the germination of the seeds.

Put the fertilizer between the rows of the hemp plants rather than applying it directly on the plants. Water the plants immediately after you apply the fertilizer so that it will be absorbed into the soil.

Apply Herbicides

Most hemp crops have the capacity to block the growth of weeds. However, spraying a pre-emergent herbicide will help you to prevent the growth of weeds if there are any. Make sure that you apply the herbicide after the plants germinate. This will help you to protect your plants while they are still growing.

If you are cultivating the hemp plants for extracting fiber, cut the plants when the seeds start to develop. If you want to extract the seeds from the hemp plants, then harvest them after 16 weeks.

How To Extract CBD Oil?

After growing hemp plants, the next step is to extract the CBD oil from them. There are a large number of CBD extraction processes used by the manufacturers for extracting CBD from the hemp plants. However, some of these methods need technical expertise and knowledge for executing. But there are some simple methods used for CBD extraction that you can perform at your home. These methods will help you to easily extract CBD oil from the hemp plants.

One of the important methods used for extracting CBD oil that you can perform yourself includes the olive oil extraction method. This is an easy and efficient method that is used by a large number of people for extracting CBD oil in their home. It will help you to get high-quality CBD oil without any toxic ingredients.

Olive Oil Extraction Method

This is a popular method used for extracting CBD oil from the hemp plants. It will give you a mixture of CBD oil and olive oil that you can consume directly or mix with other foods and drinks. The important steps involved in the olive oil extraction process are mentioned below:

Prepare Your Plant Parts

For extracting CBD oil from hemp plants, you have to decarboxylate the plant parts first. It includes heating the plant parts to a particular temperature for activating the cannabinoids present in them.

For this purpose, put the plant parts on a baking sheet in the oven, then set temperature to 230˚F and heat for about 20 to 30 minutes. You are looking for them to turn brown, and make sure that you are not burning them.

If you want to avoid heating the plant parts, just grind them into a powder. This will help the cannabinoids present in it to leach into the oil later in the process. This will be useful for you to avoid the decarboxylating step.

Choose The Olive Oil

The next step is to decide the type of olive oil you need. Extra virgin oil will taste the best. However, when heated at high temperatures for producing CBD oil, it might develop a bitter taste. In addition to this, it may also burn during the process. Hence, it is better to choose a high-quality non-extra virgin olive oil for the purpose of extracting CBD oil.

Steeping The Plant Parts In The Oil

For this step, you will have to prepare a mixture of olive oil and water. Make sure that both the water and olive oil are taken in the same quantity. Pour the mixture in your saucepan and add the prepared plant parts into this mixture.

Set the heat low at the beginning and stir the mixture constantly for ensuring that nothing clumps up or get stuck to the bottom of your pan.

Increase the heat gradually until the water in the mixture begins to approach the boiling temperature. You can tell this when tiny bubbles start to float to the surface. After you reach the boiling point, reduce the heat again and stick to a low boil. Keep boiling it for almost 30 minutes until you find your plant parts floating on the top of the mixture. By this time, most of the water will be evaporated from the mixture.

Separate The Oil

After you have prepared the mixture, allow it to cool. Then filter it for removing the plant parts from the oil. This will give you a mixture of CBD oil and olive oil that you can consume.

If you choose to grow your own hemp and extract the CBD oil yourself, you can make sure that it does not contain any toxic ingredients that can result in different health issues. This will help you to get high-quality CBD oil that is safe for consumption.

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