Is There A Link Between STD And Hair Loss?

Most people find it shameful to contract a sexually transmitted disease because they are fearful of being ridiculed and ostracized by the people around them. However, having sexually transmitted disease is very common these days and public healthcare services are trying to bring awareness among people about STDs.

Statistics show that over 100,000 individuals aged between 18 and 24 is contracted with different types of STDs every year. Fortunately, most of the STDs can be treated. It is commonly observed that people contracted with STDs often experience hair loss either due to the side effect of the medications or as a direct symptom. Hair loss is one of the main symptoms of syphilis and it can be effectively treated using penicillin.

Hail Loss And STDs

STD hair loss often occurs as a side effect of the treatment for chlamydia. This common STD is treated with the drug azithromycin. This macrolide antibiotic will deplete both your hemoglobin and vitamin B for killing the bacteria that cause chlamydia. This drug will often lead to hair loss and you need to talk with your doctors before taking that.

Other STDs such as gonorrhea and herpes can cause side effects like fatigue and sores, and hair loss is not the symptom of either other of these infections. Most of the earlier drugs used for HIV treatment caused hair loss but most of the modern medications do not cause any severe side effects.

Syphilis is the only sexually transmitted disease that causes hair loss in patients. Hair loss is one of the many secondary symptoms of syphilis. The bacteria treponema pallidum causes syphilis and it will lead to infection in the rectum, groin, and mouth. This primary stage can be easily treated if diagnosed quickly. Syphilis will progress into the second stage if the primary symptoms are missed. In this stage, more noticeable symptoms like reddish-brown rashes, swelling of lymph nodes, fevers, and hair loss will be experienced.

Most people with STD won’t bother about the hair loss as they are more concerned about the other side effects. However, it is essential to treat all the symptoms of STDs because it may develop into more serious conditions, including pelvic inflammatory disease.

The good thing is that the treatment of syphilis will help in the treatment of hair loss due to the condition. If you get proper treatment for syphilis and once your immune system becomes stronger again, your hair will start to grow back.

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